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Eikos transparent conductors are the ideal choice for display manufacturers. Invisicon® is ideal for glass and plastic, so it can be applied easily to conventional LCDs and color filters, flexible e-paper, and touch panels.

Invisicon on Glass
Figure 1: Invisicon® can be inserted into traditional LCD displays and more advanced display types, such as flexible e-paper. Eikos and collaborating partners have produced a wide range of displays.
Video: Eikos e-Ink

Invisicon coatings have several advantages over ITO and other transparent conductors for displays:

  • Low haze: Invisicon typically has a haze value <1%. Displays made with Invisicon are crystal clear, with no loss of resolution.
  • Very low reflection: Unlike ITO and metallic conductors, carbon nanotube coatings not reflect light. This feature also enables the device designed to tailor the refractive index of the binder to create index matched or anti-reflective coatings integrated into the transparent conductor.
  • Color neutrality: Invisicon is color neutral, making it easier to achieve vibrant blues and sharp yellows.  
Invisicon is color neutral
Figure 2: Eikos coatings are color neutral, low reflection, and low contrast, making patterns exceptionally difficult to see.
  • Wide range of sheet resistances: Invisicon can be easily deposited from 104 to 10 Ω/□. For certain display applications, Invisicon provides the same device performance as ITO, but with significantly higher transmission.
  • Additive patterning: Pixel electrodes or capacitive antennas can be easily printed using Invisicon inks without the need for lithography, etching, and washing steps. Additive processing can significantly increase product yield because of the mechanical durability of Invisicon and reduced part handling.
  • Rapid prototyping: Using CAD software and a commercial-quality inkjet printer, a variety of Invisicon patterns can be designed and quickly built into device prototypes. This design process can significantly reduce the time and cost to develop new displays products.
  • Mechanical flexibility and durability: Whether using a PET film or thin glass, Invisicon exhibits superior mechanical performance to other transparent conductors. On flexible substrates like PET, Invisicon is capable of rolling and bending repeatedly without cracking and loss of conductivity. On glass, Invisicon is a tough coating with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Eikos is pleased to discuss integrating Invisicon into your display application. Please contact us for more information.

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