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Key Eikos Patent Strengthened and Confirmed During Re-exam by USPTO

FRANKLIN, MA (July 3, 2009) - The Re-examination of United States Patent No. 7,060241 entitled “Coatings Comprising Carbon nanotubes and Methods for Forming Same” issued to Eikos, Inc. on June 13, 2006 (the “Eikos Patent”) has been ended by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office and resulted in the expected confirmation of the patentability of “all” of its 107 claims and, in addition, the inclusion of ten new claims that further strengthen and solidify Eikos's patent position on transparent and highly conductive carbon nanotubes films for touch screen and other applications. No other publicly available United States patent or patent application contains as detailed a disclosure or provides such broad a coverage as this Patent.
Claims of the Eikos Patent encompass transparent conductive carbon nanotubes films with a surface resistance in many ranges between 100 to 1010 ohms-square, with high optical transparencies, and low haze.  Many claims are directed to carbon nanotubes ropes of substantially single-walled and/or double-walled carbon nanotubes, and also conductive carbon nanotubes films that, unlike films of metal oxides, highly flexible.  In addition, the Eikos Patent also contains claims to dispersions of carbon nanotubes, and also to methods for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes films of the invention.    

Overall, the reexamination process was very beneficial to Eikos for clearly defining the value of small-diameter nanotubes in conductive coatings and, in conjunction with the efforts of the USPTO, served to define this entire IP space. With this successful conclusion to the reexamination, the Eikos Patent has now been confirmed as the most important patent in the field of carbon nanotube films and coatings and is expected to contribute to nearly all practical applications having to do with highly conductive and transparent carbon nanotube films for displays, photovoltaic (solar) cells and other electronics.

About Eikos
Eikos, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of highly transparent carbon nanotube inks for conductive coatings and circuits for use in solar cells, flat panel displays, OLED lighting, smart windows and other established markets.   Eikos’ patented Invisicon®  transparent conductors (‘nanowires’) will enable high volume, low cost production of a thinner, more flexible and more durable conductive coating technology that will displace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Zinc Oxide, PEDOT/PSS, and other transparent conductors.  A privately held company headquartered in Franklin Massachusetts, Eikos has a number of licenses and development contracts with major global companies, U.S. military agencies and NASA.   For more information, please visit us at

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