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Eikos wins multiyear Department of Commerce NIST ATP program to advance development of Pentiac™, Printable Electronic Nanotube Inks and Concentrates

FRANKLIN, MA (November 28, 2007) - Eikos to develop a platform of conductive inks based on carbon nanotubes.

Eikos, Inc., innovator of highly transparent carbon nanotube (CNT) inks for conductive coatings and circuits, today announced it has been awarded a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP). The 56 projects were chosen by NIST in a competition announced last April. Eikos’s program is planned for two years and has a total project cost of nearly 2 million USD.

Eikos plans to develop a fundamentally new class of electrically conducting printable inks based on carbon nanotubes. Many industries, including displays, semiconductors, electronics, plastics, automotive, aerospace and lighting, rely on electrically conductive materials. Standard conductors, such as silver, indium tin oxide (ITO) and electrically conducting polymers, face significant technical problems that cannot be overcome with existing materials. Each of these materials presents scientists and engineers with a set of unfavorable manufacturing or environmental compromises that reduces performance and reliability, and increases cost. Silver and indium (in the form of ITO) are becoming more scarce and expensive, and procuring them and disposing of them pose environmental risks.

As an alternative, Eikos aims to create Printable Electronic Nanotube Inks and Concentrates (PENTIAC™), a group of water-based inks containing highly purified carbon nanotubes. The inks would be used in printable electronics, displays, touch panels, and photovoltaics. Eikos aims to create three grades of PENTIAC™ to meet a variety of market needs. Ink formulations with low electrical conductivity would be designed to replace carbon black and conducting polymers. Intermediate-conductivity printable ink would be alternatives to ITO for touch screens and other flexible surfaces on which other electronic materials cannot be deposited. High-conductivity grade inks designed to replace printed silver and ITO would be used as conductive wires and films in solar cells and displays. These nanotube inks will be deposited using standard printing techniques, accelerating the growth of the printed electronics industry. If successful, PENTIAC™ products will be a cornerstone of growing United States industries in solar power, displays, and printed electronics.

About Eikos
Eikos, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of highly transparent carbon nanotube inks for conductive coatings and circuits for use in solar cells, flat panel displays, OLED lighting, smart windows and other established markets.   Eikos’ patented Invisicon®  transparent conductors (‘nanowires’) will enable high volume, low cost production of a thinner, more flexible and more durable conductive coating technology that will displace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Zinc Oxide, PEDOT/PSS, and other transparent conductors.  A privately held company headquartered in Franklin Massachusetts, Eikos has a number of licenses and development contracts with major global companies, U.S. military agencies and NASA.   For more information, please visit us at

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