Choice of substrate is critical to the performance of your device. Eikos has a depth of experience in coating flexible, curved, and complex substrates. Our lab is outfitted is outfitted with a range of ink and coating characterization techniques. We design our inks to coat specific substrates uniformly and provide the desired optical, electronic, and durability properties for your application.  In addition, Eikos can choose a binder system that is compatible with your substrate or adds functionality to your substrate.


PET is an excellent substrate for Invisicon® coatings. Like PET, Invisicon is highly flexible and durable, and transparent. Because Invisicon is printed in atmospheric conditions, higher web speeds are possible for depositing transparent conductors onto PET. Invisicon on PET is useful as an anti-static coating or a transparent electrode.


Eikos can coat borosilicate or soda lime glass with Invisicon without the need for ion diffusionbarriers or high temperature deposition.Invisicon coatings have been designed to work on glass by withstanding high temperature and exhibiting toughness under mechanical abrasion.

Polycarbonate and Acrylic: coating films

Substrates like polycarbonate and acrylic are difficult to coat with ITO. Because Invisicon is deposited in a fundamentally different way, temperature, CTE, and wetting limitations of ITO are easily overcome.

Optoelectronic Devices:

Eikos has demonstrated the ability to create highly efficient solar cells that integrate Invisicon coatings. Inks can be deposited as blanket coatings or in patterns directly onto devices to create Ohmic contacts with low resistance. Eikos can coat silicon wafers, III-V semiconductors, and organic electronics.

Curved, Porous, or Fibrous Substrates:  

Eikos’s coating process is conformal, so substrates with unconventional geometries or high surface roughness can be made conductive.

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